Bowermaster Family ~ Huntington Central Park

I literally smiled ear to ear the entire time I edited this shoot of one of my favorite families, taken a couple of weeks ago at Huntington Central Park. Enjoy!

I love this family <3



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Deena ~ Beauty Session

I was going through one of my photo filled external hard drives the other afternoon and came across these shots I took of my far too gorgeous sister Deena a little while ago. She needed some proofs for a model casting and I was more than happy to take them for her! Enjoy!

I know.. she’s stunning. But to top it off she is sweet, smart, sensitive, caring, funny, and all around one of the very best people I know… and I just happened to get lucky enough to be her sister.




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Joy Of Cooking ~ Product Shoot

So the product I was asked to photograph this afternoon was right up my alley.. Um a cookbook? And THE cookbook at that?! Super exciting! Me + anything food related = love! :)  I shot this for a book company doing a Groupon promotion, and they needed the product shots for the promotion landing page on their website.  Here are a few of my favorite shots!

Two photos to show the book with and without the book jacket on.They wanted to do something to emphasize the height/large size of the product with this shot, so I stacked a few books books behind the main item to show size contrast.A close up to show the width/volume of the product.A shot to show why the Joy of Cooking is known as the Bible of cookbooks.Love it without the book jacket on!A shot to highlight the front cover, again with or without the book jacket on.

After shooting this book I decided that I have to have it! It has a recipe for just about every dish imaginable, and you never know when you might need to know 7 different ways to cook chicken liver. The Groupon is selling it for $12. DEAL!



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Koda’s Dohl ~ Private Residence

Last weekend I was asked to shoot handsome baby Koda’s Dohl. A Dohl is a Korean tradition that celebrates the birthday of a one-year-old baby. In the past, the death rates for children were high and many children died before their first birthday, so it was an important milestone to the baby and parents. The highlight of the dohl is a tradition where the child is placed in front of an array of objects such as string, books, brushes, and money. The child is then urged to pick up an object. It is believed the one selected will predict the child’s future. For example, if the child selects the book, he is destined to be a scholar. If he picks up money or rice, he will be wealthy or prosperous. If you are wondering why everything at the party was so stinkin’ cute, it is because Koda’s mommy is an event coordinator with Harvest Event and Design! Enjoy some of my favorite photos from the evening.

The Dohl table.

A raffle for the guests to guess which item he would pick!The items for Koda to pick from on the left, and how cute is the crayon chandelier!!

Traditional rice cakes, and the cutest apple basket.Some healthy food for the adults!The main event..

Looks like prosperity is headed Koda’s way!A 2nd shot for an alternate path…The next Derek Jeter perhaps?!One more time for good measure…Koda pondering his future long and happy life….

All I could think after this event was how special family and cultural traditions are, and how fun it would have been to have a Dohl!



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Gina’s Baby Shower ~ Newport Beach

Last month one of my lovely girlfriends, Gina Michelle, was blessed with baby shower. Miss Gina requested that my gift to her be photographs of the day. I was more than happy to oblige, and here are some highlights of one of the most fun and festive baby showers I have ever been to!Milk-tini’s anyone? And yes, they were for the non-pregnant party goers only! This girl had not one, but two diaper cakes! I may have been responsible for creating the one on the left, which was sadly overshadowed by the one on the right. ;) I had fun making it at least!A sushi boat of handmade candle party favors…Beautiful Gina and lil Tommy the 6th.. Apparently this is what 8 months pregnant can look like. It’s also what I look like after ONE  steak dinner. Jus say’n.Food by The Cannery was amazing!I had to pop in front of the camera for one picture with my girly!Mama Gina and soon-to-be mama Gina.Present time..

Congratulations to my friends Gina & Tommy on their new and expanding family! Lil’ Tommy is going to be one lucky boy.



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Annika & Dan ~ Balboa Bay Club

Two weeks ago I had the pleasure of being a part of Annika & Dan’s destination wedding here in Newport Beach at the Balboa Bay Club! When the high school sweethearts, along with their family and friends, flew in from the East Coast they were blessed with a most gorgeous, sun drenched Saturday afternoon for their wedding. The following are a few of my favorites from their big day!  

I couldn’t believe how relaxed Annika was when I arrived to her suite, and her smile showed it!

Annika had a special request for a photo with her bridesmaids that would be reminiscent of the “Bridesmaids” movie poster… her girls definitely worked it for me!

Dan bring GQ back..One of Dan’s groomsmen, kindly reassuring him that he had the rings…

The gorgeous Balboa Bay Club ceremony location, right on the bay.

Seriously?! SO cute you two! Dan was off camera here trying to get Annika to laugh.. think it worked!One of my absolute favorites… straight from the camera, no edits.

We made it back to the dock just in time for the most gorgeous sunset.Filet, anyone?

Thanks and congratulations again to the beautiful newlyweds, for making my job so exciting and fun!



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Shin Family ~ Quail Hill Trails

A couple of days ago I met up with the beautiful Shin family; John, Sally, Kale, and Koda. Sally wanted some family photos with a warm fall feel so I suggested that we meet up in Irvine at the Quail Hill Nature Preserve. I knew the trees were turning wonderful carmel-ly fall colors, and as an added bonus the boys would get a chance to explore! Here are a few of my favorites from our sunny Sunday shoot!

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Jensen Family ~ Horsethief Canyon Park

Last Sunday I had the pleasure of shooting a family portrait session for the lovely Jensen family. We met at Horsethief Canyon Park in San Dimas, and it turned out to be such a beautiful location for the shoot, with an awesome playground and plenty of open space for the four grandkids to run wild in between shots. Here are just a few of my favorite photographs from the day!

Thanks again to Heidi and Bruce Jensen for gathering the family together and allowing me to photograph and spend the afternoon with their beautiful and fun family. I had a wonderful time!

Happy Sunday!



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St John Boutique In-House Fashion Shows

Hi! I’m back for another photog roundup on the blog-izzle!  So last week I shot a couple of events for the luxury fashion house St John Knits. One of the shoots was at their store at South Coast Plaza in Costa Mesa, and the other was at the Rodeo Drive boutique in Beverly Hills. I’ve been shooting St John events for a few years now and I always get asked to see some of the photos, or what the shoot was like, so I thought I would finally share a few of the photos! Enjoy :)

Creative Director George Sharp and EVP of Merchandising Victoria Di Giacinto hosted the in-store fashion show

George and Victoria gave the attendees tips and tricks on how to mix and match pieces from the collection

Hungry anyone?! The fab Cory Martin Events served up the delicious food.

Day two was in Beverly Hills, where they transformed a portion of the store into a mini runway.

After the show there was some informal modeling as guests mingled and enjoyed food, wine, and shopping

After the event I stepped outside to take a quick parting shot from Rodeo Drive..

Happy fashion-ing!



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Jones Victorian Estate Album

Hi all! Just wanted to share this sample album I recently made for the exquisite Jones Victorian Estate.  This venue is a dream to shoot at, and I was fortunate enough to have the most lovely couple to photograph, Matt and Laura. Congrats again and enjoy!

Loved the vibrant florals and bridesmaid dresses!

Some of my favorite shots from the Estate’s beautiful long driveway..

Ok, seriously…look at Laura in the far right window photo. Too. Gorgeous.

I thought the setting sun, overlooking the Estate’s crisp white windmill was a perfect parting shot. Love.

Happy Friday!



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