I’m Blogging!

My first blog post! I must say I’m a little intimidated, but a lot excited! As most of my family and close friends know, I am actually a fairly private person, so this is a leap of faith to put myself out there for the WHOLE world to see!! OK, well maybe not the whole world but for you beautiful people who happened to come across this page. :) If you are a bride who’s wedding I will be shooting, I’m hoping that this and future posts will enable you to not only see more of my work, but also to get to know me personally, because I will be spending just a few (7 or 8!)┬áhours with you on the day of the biggest party and celebration you will probably ever throw!

SO, first things first, I love to laugh! And I laugh loudly. It’s rather unfortunate, but I just can’t always hold it in! Plus, I think laughing helps to keep you youthful and makes this often crazy life just a little bit lighter. But if I happen to belt out a big one and something wasn’t funny, please, please let me know!! ┬áNext, you should know I genuinely love photography, and feel so fortunate to have a job that brings smiles, laughter, and sometimes even tears to the friends and families of those whom I shoot. Starting my own photography business is something that kind of fell into my lap when I had a friend ask me to shoot her wedding as a favor in the beginning of 2006…by the end of that year I had my business license, website, and people I had never met paying me to shoot their weddings! I feel beyond blessed.

Alright, a little more personal (yikes!) stuff… well, I love shoes. Really. I have a shoe tower in my house. And shoes in boxes. And boots in rubbermaid tubs. So many heels, boots, wedges, ballet flats, sandals, and pretty strappy things I’m embarrassed to count them all as that would be admitting to an actual problem. :) In fact, the photos below kind of came about from me wanting a photograph of myself in my FAVORITE black pumps.

Next personal tidbit…I love love love love food!! I like to cook it, smell it, look at it, take photos of it, and of course eat it! I post a lot of my meals I make on my Facebook page, simply because other peoples food pictures inspire me, so I thought I would attempt to do the same!

More to come…

Until then, keep laughing, and stay beautiful!



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One Response to I’m Blogging!

  1. leah faddis says:

    Love it!! You hit the nail on the head. I’m private too so that’s why blogging is so foreign. :o ) Oh well, gotta keep up with the Jones’.