Surf photog-ing!

Can I just say…we have been having the most beautiful weather! Sunny, warm, and clear skies…perfect beach days in my opinion! So, lucky me, yesterday I had the opportunity to go down to San Clemente and take surf shots at the Nike Lowers Pro for …lost enterprises of some of their team riders and riders on their surfboards. I posted up with my beach chair, sunscreen, a cooler with fruit, tofu tomato avo sandwiches, h20, my camera, and a very, very big hat! I probably should have put an extra layer or two of spf 50 on my legs, as they now have a slight hint of lobster color, but other than that I came away from the day with a gorge seashell, a tan on my arms (yes, just my arms), and a few pretty cool shots!

Chris Ward

Kolohe Andino

Mason Ho

I would show n’ tell my burnt legs but I’m crossing my fingers that it turns into a tan by tomorrow. :-)

xo, k

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