Fashion Friday ~ The Romper

So a few days ago a good girlfriend of mine invited me to go shopping…at Fashion Island in Newport. Uh oh. While everything inside of me screamed “Danger! Don’t go! You will end buying things you don’t need!”, I convinced myself that I was only accompanying her for moral support and to be the”yes, so cute, to die for!!”, or “NO, not in a million years!!!” girl. Now granted the voice in my head is a great saleswoman, but I should have known that my powers of resistance would give in. To the romper. I LOVE these things. My guess it is because they are by far the laziest outfit known to womankind, basically an adult onesie, and it is some reflection of a deep rooted peter pan complex.  C’est la vie I  adore anyway!! If I had infinity shopping $$ I would have gotten every single color in every single style and wear them every single day of the week. But alas I settled for just 2 to add to my slowly growing collection and called it a day. Thanks to Express for loving the romper also, and for taking mine and my GF’s lunch money for the next week.  :)

Happy Friday & do something fabulous this weekend!



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2 Responses to Fashion Friday ~ The Romper

  1. leah faddis says:

    Love it! Must say I don’t own a romper. How would it look on a pregnant lady? My guess is not good.

    • Ketara says:

      Now I know what to get you for xmas :) The romper is made for pregnancy/post pregnancy or if you are like me, eating very large meals!