Gina’s Baby Shower ~ Newport Beach

Last month one of my lovely girlfriends, Gina Michelle, was blessed with baby shower. Miss Gina requested that my gift to her be photographs of the day. I was more than happy to oblige, and here are some highlights of one of the most fun and festive baby showers I have ever been to!Milk-tini’s anyone? And yes, they were for the non-pregnant party goers only! This girl had not one, but two diaper cakes! I may have been responsible for creating the one on the left, which was sadly overshadowed by the one on the right. ;) I had fun making it at least!A sushi boat of handmade candle party favors…Beautiful Gina and lil Tommy the 6th.. Apparently this is what 8 months pregnant can look like. It’s also what I look like after ONE  steak dinner. Jus say’n.Food by The Cannery was amazing!I had to pop in front of the camera for one picture with my girly!Mama Gina and soon-to-be mama Gina.Present time..

Congratulations to my friends Gina & Tommy on their new and expanding family! Lil’ Tommy is going to be one lucky boy.



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