Koda’s Dohl ~ Private Residence

Last weekend I was asked to shoot handsome baby Koda’s Dohl. A Dohl is a Korean tradition that celebrates the birthday of a one-year-old baby. In the past, the death rates for children were high and many children died before their first birthday, so it was an important milestone to the baby and parents. The highlight of the dohl is a tradition where the child is placed in front of an array of objects such as string, books, brushes, and money. The child is then urged to pick up an object. It is believed the one selected will predict the child’s future. For example, if the child selects the book, he is destined to be a scholar. If he picks up money or rice, he will be wealthy or prosperous. If you are wondering why everything at the party was so stinkin’ cute, it is because Koda’s mommy is an event coordinator with Harvest Event and Design! Enjoy some of my favorite photos from the evening.

The Dohl table.

A raffle for the guests to guess which item he would pick!The items for Koda to pick from on the left, and how cute is the crayon chandelier!!

Traditional rice cakes, and the cutest apple basket.Some healthy food for the adults!The main event..

Looks like prosperity is headed Koda’s way!A 2nd shot for an alternate path…The next Derek Jeter perhaps?!One more time for good measure…Koda pondering his future long and happy life….

All I could think after this event was how special family and cultural traditions are, and how fun it would have been to have a Dohl!



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  1. leah faddis says:

    You have been busy!! Love the photos. Miss you :o )