Joy Of Cooking ~ Product Shoot

So the product I was asked to photograph this afternoon was right up my alley.. Um a cookbook? And THE cookbook at that?! Super exciting! Me + anything food related = love! :)  I shot this for a book company doing a Groupon promotion, and they needed the product shots for the promotion landing page on their website.  Here are a few of my favorite shots!

Two photos to show the book with and without the book jacket on.They wanted to do something to emphasize the height/large size of the product with this shot, so I stacked a few books books behind the main item to show size contrast.A close up to show the width/volume of the product.A shot to show why the Joy of Cooking is known as the Bible of cookbooks.Love it without the book jacket on!A shot to highlight the front cover, again with or without the book jacket on.

After shooting this book I decided that I have to have it! It has a recipe for just about every dish imaginable, and you never know when you might need to know 7 different ways to cook chicken liver. The Groupon is selling it for $12. DEAL!



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