DealGooder ~ Summer Soiree!

Last Thursday I was asked to photograph DealGooder‘s Summer Soiree event hosted at ECCO restaurant in Costa Mesa. What is Dealgooder you might ask? Well, picture Groupon…but way better! Same group deal concept but 50% of anything purchased on goes to a local charity. Pretty darn cool!!! So back to the event…

The fab ECCO did hosting duties and provided the grub.

Here are just a few notables from the red carpet as they made their way into the party!

DealGooder’s four fabulous founders

Ready to party!!

Fellow photographers Brian & Jennifer Gilmore of Jennifer Gilmore Photography…loved chatting with you!

ECCO’s owner, Brett Lawrence, making good use of the red carpet space…

Um, how cute is this kid!! We shared a cookie ;)

What cookie? This cookie. So. Good.

They were quite a hit.

There were over 18 non-profits featured at the event, and a ton of giveaway’s donated from local businesses previously (and to be) featured on

This lucky girl won a one night stay at the amazing Rancho Las Lomas and a bottle of Veuve Clicquot!

I got in front of the lens for a quick snapshot with Dealgooder Co-Founder Cara Mungo :)

Congrats on the party DealGooder! Oh yes, and I forgot to mention there were cake-pops…to die for!

Happy Monday!



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Bianca + Thomas ~ Vellano Country Club

A couple of weeks ago I shot some photos of Bianca and Thomas’s wedding at the gorgeous Vellano Country Club. It was a warm, breezy, summery afternoon, and the couples choice in clean, crisp florals and light flowing wedding attire set the mood for the day perfectly! Here are some favorites from the session!

The bride and groom choose their opposing alma maters of UCLA vs. USC for their table themes…how’s that for a little friendly competition!

After the ceremony we made the golf cart trek to one of Vellano’s many wooden bridge’s in the woods surrounding the golf course for Bianca and Thomas’s portraits. Love, love, loved this setting!

Bianca has the cutest personality, which is clearly reflected in their photos! 

Congrats to the lovely couple!



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The Secret Garden

A few weeks ago I was asked to shoot some interior/exterior photos of a new concept restaurant expansion in west Orange County. I had never been to Park Ave Restaurant and as soon as I spotted it, it struck me as an old classic steakhouse. I knew they were having me shoot their new italian expansion called Il Garage, but I couldn’t imagine where it could be. Well, after heading through the classically beautiful main dining room, and a second 60′s modern dining room, I was led outside through a gorgeous tree covered courtyard and through a opening in an ivy covered wall to Il Garage, truly a secret garden! Part of what makes this spot so special is the garden itself, where they grow their own veggies which are incorporated into the daily changing menu, that is complimented with live music every evening. I was completely charmed to say the least, and couldn’t believe this little treasure was hiding right off Beach Blvd!

The garden at Il Garage

Ravioli, prepared from scratch in the Il Garage kitchen

LOVE the tractor in the dining area!

Executive Chef David Slay cooking up something magical

60′s mod room

Park Ave’s main dining room & David Slay’s private label wine made in the Temecula Wine Country 

Thanks again to the staff at Park Ave & Il Garage for making the shoot easy breezy, and to Chef David Slay for sending me home with a bottle of his David Slay Pinot Noir, Merlot, and Sage Ranch EVOO! To die for!

Click Here to inquire about holding your next shower/wine tasting/reception/party at Park Ave or Il Garage!



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Fashion Friday ~ The Romper

So a few days ago a good girlfriend of mine invited me to go shopping…at Fashion Island in Newport. Uh oh. While everything inside of me screamed “Danger! Don’t go! You will end buying things you don’t need!”, I convinced myself that I was only accompanying her for moral support and to be the”yes, so cute, to die for!!”, or “NO, not in a million years!!!” girl. Now granted the voice in my head is a great saleswoman, but I should have known that my powers of resistance would give in. To the romper. I LOVE these things. My guess it is because they are by far the laziest outfit known to womankind, basically an adult onesie, and it is some reflection of a deep rooted peter pan complex.  C’est la vie I  adore anyway!! If I had infinity shopping $$ I would have gotten every single color in every single style and wear them every single day of the week. But alas I settled for just 2 to add to my slowly growing collection and called it a day. Thanks to Express for loving the romper also, and for taking mine and my GF’s lunch money for the next week.  :)

Happy Friday & do something fabulous this weekend!



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Baby Bump Bliss

A couple of weeks ago I got a request for baby bump photos from Jill & Chad, one of my most uber-fabulous couples whose wedding I shot a few years back.  I was super excited and knew the shoot would be a breeze, as Jill is simply GLOWING and GORGEOUS, and Chad is quite the dashing and proud daddy to be. We met at the Seal Beach Pier last weekend around sunset and as expected, Jill was absolutely amazing, and Chad, a fellow photographer, knew exactly how to help make my job a piece of cake.

I learned during the shoot that the Seal Beach pier was the site of Jill and Chads first kiss on the night they met, so I had to do a fun little kiss reenactment with the addition of miss Emily bump in the middle! 

Can I just say, if little Emily Scarlett Jolie inherits even a fraction of her mommas posing skills, she has a future modeling career ahead of her!

We finished up the shoot with a couple bump and bow photos, “proof” that babies are a gift! :)

Congratulations Jill & Chad!



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Pink in Pala Mesa

Hi blog world! I just wanted to check in and share a couple of photos from a wedding I shot for my real life best friend’s photography company Leah Marie Photography at the amazing Pala Mesa Resort in Temecula a couple of weeks ago. Cynthia & James were such a sweet couple and I must say I absolutely LOVED her pink shoes! Being a girl who has a little thing for bright happy footwear myself, I had to give kudos to Cynthia for stepping out on her wedding day in the cutest pink pumps!

Check back for a link to all of the photos as soon as Leah posts them!

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Surf photog-ing!

Can I just say…we have been having the most beautiful weather! Sunny, warm, and clear skies…perfect beach days in my opinion! So, lucky me, yesterday I had the opportunity to go down to San Clemente and take surf shots at the Nike Lowers Pro for …lost enterprises of some of their team riders and riders on their surfboards. I posted up with my beach chair, sunscreen, a cooler with fruit, tofu tomato avo sandwiches, h20, my camera, and a very, very big hat! I probably should have put an extra layer or two of spf 50 on my legs, as they now have a slight hint of lobster color, but other than that I came away from the day with a gorge seashell, a tan on my arms (yes, just my arms), and a few pretty cool shots!

Chris Ward

Kolohe Andino

Mason Ho

I would show n’ tell my burnt legs but I’m crossing my fingers that it turns into a tan by tomorrow. :-)

xo, k

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Desiree & Kevin

A couple of weeks ago I had the pleasure of shooting the wedding of Desiree and Kevin in Seal Beach, Ca. It honestly could not have been a more gorgeous day, and I believe Desiree’s grandma, who passed away just a few days before the big day, somehow had the sun shine extra bright, and the air extra buttery and warm. I feel that I have always had tremendous fortune in photographing couples who are head over heels for each other, and Desiree & Kevin were no exception. Let me tell just you it makes my job such a breeze!! These two are truly soul mates, and have never been apart more than 3 days since they first crossed paths on Main St 4 years ago. Their beachside wedding was non-tradional, unorthodox,  and completely magical! It felt like they brought a Hawaiian beach wedding to the shores of Seal Beach…at the appointed hour all of their family and friends gathered around them on the grassy park above the pier where they shared some laughs, tears, exchanged beautiful wedding bands, and became husband and wife!

Thank you to Thai on Main for treating us, along with all of their guests, like family, and making Desiree & Kevin’s reception a night to remember! Oh and the fab cupcakes by Think Sweet did indeed taste as good as they looked (thanks again Desiree & Kevin for sharing with Omar & I! :)

Congrats again!!



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I’m Blogging!

My first blog post! I must say I’m a little intimidated, but a lot excited! As most of my family and close friends know, I am actually a fairly private person, so this is a leap of faith to put myself out there for the WHOLE world to see!! OK, well maybe not the whole world but for you beautiful people who happened to come across this page. :) If you are a bride who’s wedding I will be shooting, I’m hoping that this and future posts will enable you to not only see more of my work, but also to get to know me personally, because I will be spending just a few (7 or 8!) hours with you on the day of the biggest party and celebration you will probably ever throw!

SO, first things first, I love to laugh! And I laugh loudly. It’s rather unfortunate, but I just can’t always hold it in! Plus, I think laughing helps to keep you youthful and makes this often crazy life just a little bit lighter. But if I happen to belt out a big one and something wasn’t funny, please, please let me know!!  Next, you should know I genuinely love photography, and feel so fortunate to have a job that brings smiles, laughter, and sometimes even tears to the friends and families of those whom I shoot. Starting my own photography business is something that kind of fell into my lap when I had a friend ask me to shoot her wedding as a favor in the beginning of 2006…by the end of that year I had my business license, website, and people I had never met paying me to shoot their weddings! I feel beyond blessed.

Alright, a little more personal (yikes!) stuff… well, I love shoes. Really. I have a shoe tower in my house. And shoes in boxes. And boots in rubbermaid tubs. So many heels, boots, wedges, ballet flats, sandals, and pretty strappy things I’m embarrassed to count them all as that would be admitting to an actual problem. :) In fact, the photos below kind of came about from me wanting a photograph of myself in my FAVORITE black pumps.

Next personal tidbit…I love love love love food!! I like to cook it, smell it, look at it, take photos of it, and of course eat it! I post a lot of my meals I make on my Facebook page, simply because other peoples food pictures inspire me, so I thought I would attempt to do the same!

More to come…

Until then, keep laughing, and stay beautiful!



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